About Us

Grow to Green is an Indoor Farming equipment manufacturer benefiting from over 30 years in the development of controlled environments for plant research.

Our Growth Rooms and Plant Factories allow fully integrated real-time monitoring and control of all relevant variables in plant growth.


Aralab is present in 5 continents and more than 40 countries and is a leading European manufacturer of climatic chambers and controlled environment rooms that create, simulate and control temperature, humidity, light, wind, CO2 and many other environmental conditions.

Since 1985 Aralab has offered the most reliable and complete climatic control equipment for Plant Research, Pharmaceutical Stability and Environmental Testing.


Since 1965, ISQ has been one of Portugal’s most prestigious and recognized technical brands, providing solutions for industry clients in all sectors, and ensuring that their assets and products comply with environmental, quality, health and safety standards and regulations.

ISQ Group is currently the biggest technical partner in Portugal with over 1.000 employees and presence in more than 15 countries from the EU, to Africa, Middle East and America’s.